Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Soups and Salads Competition: 11 March, 2018.

The Soups and Salads Competition of the 3 Months Batch marked a different level of confidence to the Students in the Art.

The Students presented different types of Soups and Salads with appropriate accompaniments. It was indeed a colorful and tasty event.

The Competition was adjudged accordingly:

1 Position – Ms. Monica, Ms. Payasvani Goyal, Ms. Pooja Praful Tated

II Position –  Ms. Smriti Karnawat, Ms. Ayushi Mittal, Ms. Antaraa Daga                     

III Position  - Ms. Prerana, Ms. Kajal Dokania, Ms. Rishika Sagar

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The 3 months batch had a debate competition on 10 March, 2018.  

They were debating on the topic, " SHOULD TABLETS REPLACE TEXT BOOKS IN SCHOOLS"

Ms. Kavitha Jain

Ms. Kajal Dokania, Ms. Antara Daga, Ms. Smriti Karnawat and Ms. Prerana (From the left)

Ms. Priyanka Rohit, Ms. Nidhi Runwal, Ms. Bhavika Ramchandani and Ms. Vasudha Mundhra (From the left)

The winners of the Debate Competition:

First Place : Ms. Kajal Dokania
Second Place : Ms. Bhavika Ramchandani
Third Place : Ms. Priyanka Rohit