Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nilgiris … The Habitat!

Dr. Tarun Chabra

Dr. Tarun Chabra and the Dean
The Principal Mrs. Elsamma Thomas

The Flora and Fauna of Nilgiris was introduced and enlightened at the workshop on the Indigenous tribes of Nilgiris. Dr. Tarun Chabra, the versatile resource person explained the history, geography, food habits and the details of the inhabitants of Nilgiris.
The Principal and the Dean
The 9 Months Batch Students 2016 - 2017

The pictorial representation with the explanation and the audio of the natural habitat and the inimitable characteristics made the session a unique presentation of its kind. 


For the students, the session added hue to the awareness on the scenic beauty and the uphill tranquil life of Nilgiris.


Hairstyle and Mehndi Competition

Mehndi application, the traditional Art form of adorning the arms of the lady beauty was put to test at the Mehndi Competition. The creative skills of the Students coupled with the training in the different Mehndi design forms were a splendid sight at the Event.

The Hairstyle and Mehndi Competition for the 3 Months Batch helped the Students to explore their skill enhancement learnt through the Beauty Therapy sessions.



The Hairstyles varied from Double waterfall Braid, to Spiral Bun and French Braid Fish Tail. The competition indeed was pleasing to the eye and was a great success.



Hair Style Competition Results:

1 Position – Ms. Gunjan Bantia & Ms. Shreeya
2 Position – Ms. Kavya Ravali
3 Position – Ms. Shailaja Jalan & Ms. Vandana Menghani

Mehndi Competition Results:

1 Position – Ms. Priyal Bothra
2 Position – Ms. Vandana Menghani
3 Position – Ms. Gunjan Bantia & Ms. Shreeya

Monday, August 15, 2016

Independence Day Celebrations!

On the 70 year of Indian Independence, GSFS celebrated the memory of the freedom that was achieved with long struggle and sacrifice.  We remembered the patriotic martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the Country.

The National Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest of the event, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, Principal-GSFS. As the tri colour flag spread its folds in the air, the National Anthem was sung by the GSFS family. This was followed by the formal gathering which was presided over by Ms Neetha Nataraj, Dean- GSFS.

The 3 Months Batch Students hosted the Event.

Ms Abhilasha Agarwal welcomed the audience and introduced the Chief Guest. Ms Rashi Agrawal spoke about “The relevance of Independence Day in 2016”. The Chief Guest in her speech urged the Students to understand the meaning of freedom and to free themselves from the bondage of lethargy and laziness. The patriotic song “Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera” and the dance performances on patriotic songs added hue to the event. The event concluded with the expression of gratitude by Ms Srishti Mittal.

Ballroom Dance Workshop at GSFS

GSFS danced to the forms of Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Salsa, and Salsa during the Ball room dance training session which was held for 6 days. The 9 Months Batch as well as the 3 Months Batch Students participated with great rigor and enthusiasm. The outsourced trainers helped the students to master the dance forms which added on to the disposition, confidence level and skill of the Students.

The Dancing GSFS!

The Ball room Dance Competition which followed the training exhibited the skill and the mastery of the art that the students gained through the Training session.

The Results of the Competition held;

9 Months Batch:


1 Position – Ms. Maria Dominic & Ms. Shipra Rao Dasari
2 Position – Ms. Tanishka Nahar & Ms. Sneha Sethi
3 Position – Ms. Puja Bansal & Ms. Nisha R Patel


1 Position – Ms. Anu Priyanka & Ms. Radhika Bothra
2 Position – Ms. Suchi Agrawal & Ms. V. Suvetha Sri
3 Position – Ms. Shivani & Ms. Subathra Devi S

Cha Cha Cha

1 Position – Ms. Jayasri & Ms. Archana
2 Position – Ms. Rajeshwari Kejriwal & Ms. Oorja Daga
3 Position – Ms. Jankidevi Vala & Ms. Surbhi Jain

3 Months Batch:


1 Position – Ms. Shreeya & Ms. Gunjan Bantia
2 Position – Ms. Priyal Bothra & Ms. Sanjhi Patodi
3 Position – Ms. Aishani Bansal & Ms. Vaishali Chauhan
4 Position – Ms. Arushi Maheshwari & Ms. Komal Batra
5 Position – Ms. Svasti Garg & Ms. Nivi Yeptho

Reporting and Orientation Programme of the 3 Months Batch and the 9 Months Batch for the year 2016-2017.

The first session of the 3 Months Programme and the 9 Months Programme session for the year 2016-2017 commenced on 26 July, 2016 and 30 July, 2016 respectively.

 The course period of the 9 Months Programme is from 30 July, 2016 to 29 April, 2017 and the course period for the 3 Months Programme is from 26 July, 2016 to 26 October, 2016. The second session of the 3 Months Programme for the year is scheduled to be from 17 January, 2017 to 17 April, 2017.

Mrs. Elsamma Thomas - Principal, GSFS

Dean - GSFS
Sr. Vice Principal - Admin

The reporting of the Students was followed by Orientation for the Parents .The Orientation Programme for the Parents of the 3 Months Batch Students was chaired by Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, the Principal GSFS. The welcome address was delivered and the Orientation Programme was conducted by Mrs. Neetha Nataraj, Dean, GSFS. The Senior Vice Principal- Administration, Brigadier Suresh Kumar addressed the audience. The Session was followed by an open forum where the parents shared their concerns and queries.

The Orientation Programme and Induction to the Course for the Students of both the batches was conducted by Mrs. Neetha Nataraj, Dean, GSFS

Mrs. Elsamma Thomas - Principal, GSFS

Sr. Vice Principal - Admin
Dean - GSFS

The Orientation Programme for the parents of the 9 Months Batch was chaired by Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, the Principal, and the Orientation was conducted by Mrs.  Neetha Nataraj, Dean, GSFS. The Senior Vice Principal- Administration, Brigadier Suresh Kumar addressed the gathering. The open forum clarified the queries of the Parents and the session adjourned with Tea.